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Hi-Speed Broadband Internet Service Provider in Kafrul and Mirpur Area of Dhaka City for Home, Small Office and Dedicated Bandwidth for Corporate Connectivity.

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Everything in one place.

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Download High Quality Movie and etc.

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Runway Broadband

Hi-Speed Broadband Internet Service for Home, Small Office and Dedicated Bandwidth for Corporate Connectivity.


Runway Broadband is one of the best Broadband Internet Service Provider at Kafrul and Mirpur area in Dhaka City because of it’s great features and commitment to the customers.


We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction, because we believe that if our customers are satisfied then we are successful.


Do you have any problem? Do you think you need support? We help you and guide you into the right direction!


We keep our servers fresh, up-to-date and compatible for the best internet experience and satisfaction of our customers.


Services of Runway Broadband comes with great features. We always try to add new features for the best broadband internet experience.

WiFi HOTSPOT Solution

We Offer a WiFi Hotspot service at your location.

Gigabit Network

Our Network is Gigabit and Uplink is 10G

Fiber Optic Network

We have Fiber Optic Network all Over the Area

Core Features

Nowadays internet is a part of life. So We have polished our internet service with a lot of features to make our customers happy.


Our services and solutions are easy to access and hassle free; Quality we provide.


Innovative services & solutions that are flexible, customizable to suit every customers need.


Our products are almost always low cost. We believe Internet is for all.


World-class infrastructures boast robust processes for maximum effectiveness.

Cache Content

Full HD YOUTUBE, Google Cache Service, Google Play Store and other google Product Cache Services we Provide.

Media Server & BDIX Connectivity

We have Largest Media Server of the Country that is well organized, Regular Updated High Resolution Quality Content. We also have BDIX Connectivity.

Dedicated Internet Connectivity

Runway Broadband flagship product Dedicated Bandwidth Internet is established using fiber optic  between the state-of-the-art POPs and the gateway/router that connects customer LAN. Our network ensures excellent quality, high capacity, and low latency Internet connectivity. You can experience state-of-the-art network that guarantees excellent quality, high capacity and low latency internet connectivity ensuring fast and seamless access to the public network.

Internet Connectivity

Runway Broadband Offers 3 Type of Internet Connectivity.


Internet @ Home Users

We Design Various Shared Internet Package for Home users.



We offer internet access services with various service level descriptions for SMEs that require a premium internet experience, high availability and consistency.


Dedicated Bandwidth for Corporate Connectivity

We offer internet access services with various service level descriptions for Corporate that require a premium internet experience, high availability and consistency.


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